Snow Travelers Picture Page

Here are some pictures and slightly embellished descriptions from recent outings.

Sourdough Creek, Dec. 6, 98

Sandy, Sue & Chuck
Sue & her soup

Lone Mountain, Big Sky Trail,  Dec. 13, 98

Bonnie (& her snowshoe-eating tree), Mary & Chuck
Chuck, Sue, Pete, Mary, Doreen, & Bonnie
Pete, Doreen & Chuck

South Cottonwood Canyon, Dec. 20, 98

No pictures available, it was -26F!

Hyalite  - Langhor, Dec. 27,98

Bacon Rind Creek, YNP, Jan. 2, 99

Pete, Sue, Chuck, Mary, Doreen, Sandor, Celia & Skip
Strung out along the way (You can figure out who's who. Hint: see above.)
The Bacon Rind Creek valley

Fairie Lake Road, Jan. 9, 99

Celia on a slight diversion to a windswept ridge top above the road

Daly Creek, YNP,  Jan. 17, 99

 Linda surveying the valley entrance
 Laura and John, just happy to be there

S Cottonwood Canyon,  Jan 23, 99

Much warmer this time, but still no pictures; will somebody remember to invite the photographer next time?

Battle Ridge,  Jan. 30, 99

 Centurions on lookout duty: Dawn, Lauri, Lucy, ?, Chuck, Drusha and Celia

New World Gulch,  Feb. 7, 99

 You think we're where??? - Sandor and Pete
 Lucy, Sandor, and Lauri stay out of it, while Linda and Pete sort it out...

Triple Tree, on Winter Trails Day with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Feb. 13, 99

 David and Cynthia, looking ahead

Fawn Pass, YNP,  Feb. 14,99

 Snow buffets the intrepid SnowTravelers - Pete, John and Sue
 Digging a little deeper yields a sign
 John's lunchtime snow den
 Pete and John stride forth across a snowy plain

Hellroaring Creek, Feb. 28,99

 Chuck pauses by the sparkling waters
 The sun and water smile upon Cynthia and David as well

Brackett Creek,  Mar. 7,99

 An inviting path through the trees

Porcupine Creek,  Mar. 14,99

 A pretty vista of Lone Mountain in the distance

Deer Creek,  Mar. 20, 99

 Sue and Pete pause for lunch with plenty of toothpicks to choose from
 Aspen branches and blue sky

Big Horn Pass, YNP, Apr. 11, 99

 The valleys of northwestern YNP are just splendid in the snow
 It's spring, and the snow reverts to its other form

Well, that's it for now. Do you have more you'd like to add? Let us know...